Electric car

Transportation plays an important role in this modern world. In early people use animals for transportation. After the invention of cars, trucks, bus people started to use them. At the time of invention, people use petrol and diesel as their energy component. Now all the companies are trying to innovate the battery or electric car. The vehicle uses electric power to work instead of using petrol and diesel.

The top companies like Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW have raised the pro model of electric power. The electric car is the best alternative way to reduce carbon emission vehicles. Knowing the importance of Battery cars the government in many countries planned to use electric vehicles for transportation. In many countries, the government planned to ban petrol, diesel vehicles and some other countries fixed the deadline for petrol and diesel vehicles.

EV batteries are mostly lithium-ion and the EV with the best range currently in the Tesla Model S (long-range) which runs for 325 miles on a single charge. All the companies are working to overcome the small drawbacks like reducing the charging time, travel long distances with low consuming power.

How does Electric Car Work:

All-electric vehicles (EVs), also commonly known as battery electric vehicles, have an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. The vehicle uses a battery pack to power the electric motor and must be plugged into a wall way-out or charging equipment, also called electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Because the electric vehicle function on electricity, the vehicle does not emit exhaust from a tailpipe and does not carry the typical liquid fuel components, such as a fuel pump, fuel line, or fuel tank.

Benefits Of Electric Cars:

  • Become energy independent
  • Reduce car emissions to help the environment
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Less pollution


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