5G technology

Everyday technology is changing the world and important changes are occurring in mobile technology. In the modern world mobile is an important thing and it is used by every people. Now we going to discuss 5G technology and how does it work.

What is 5G Technology?

5G is the fifth-generation wireless network technology. The 5G technology is the evolution of 4G (4th Generation Network). 5G technology provides a very fast network, performance, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability when compared to the 4G network technology. 5G technology provides more bandwidth and advanced antenna technology which helps to transmit more data in a fraction of a second. 5G speed up to 10 gigabits (Gbps) which is 10 x 100 times faster than 4G technology.

In the 1980s 1G (first generation) is used to deliver the analog voice and it was the first mobile to be used. It provides a low level of spectrum efficiency and security.

In the early 1990s, the 2G (second generation) introduced digital technology and helps to provide low data rate communication.

In early 2000, the 3G (third-generation) provides high data speed.

In 2010 the 4G (fourth-generation technology) introduced which helps to provide high-speed data when compared to 3G technology.

How does 5G technology work?

5G technology works on two components one is Radio Access Network and another one is the core network.

Radio Access Network:

The Radio Access Network consists of Small cells and Macrocell. The Small cell is the major part of the 5G network is distributed in the millimeter-wave spectrum where the connection range is short to provide continuous connection.

Macro Cells uses MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) antennas which the multiple connections to send and receive a large amount of data simultaneously. This helps more users to connect to the network simultaneously.

Core Network:

Core Network helps the 5G technology to manage all the internet connections and data. The core network is redesigned to provide better internet and also provide cloud-based services, distributed servers that improve response times, etc.


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