Vehicle to vehicle communication

We could see the world is changing faster day by day in the automobile industry. Today we are going to see what is a vehicle to vehicle communication and its benefits.

What is Vehicle to Vehicle Communications?

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication (V2V) System is introduced to communicate between the two vehicles and drivers and also help to communicate with the road sie vehicles. It helps to provide a warning to the other vehicles. The main goal and innovation of the vehicle to vehicle communication system to prevent vehicle crashes or collisions. V2V communication helps to transmit the information to the vehicle directly.

How Does Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Works?

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication System works with DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications). It is a type of Wi-Fi that is able to send a brief message up to 10 times a second over short distances covers approximately 305 meters. On a busy highway or heavy traffic road, Vehicle to vehicle communication helps to send automated messages to other vehicles by communicating things like Road is slippery, or Ambulance coming or some other things.

This technology already exists in cars. All the automobile companies are working to bring the vehicle to vehicle communications in trucks and other vehicles also. According to GM, the car production company along with Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan will take about nearly five years of V2V production.

Benefits of Vehicle to Vehicle Communications:

  • It helps to prevent collisions or crashes
  • It  helps to improve traffic management
  • It could improve fuel efficiency

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